4 Years, 8 months, 9 days // Guilhotina.info finally turns into a website~ 3 min

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Por Guilhotina.info

4 years, 8 months and 9 days after making its first post on the ghastly platform of billionaire (and possible reptilian) Mark Zuckerberg, Guilhotina.info hits escape velocity and launches its own website.

Seeing as it took so long, the obvious question would be “What took you so long?”

In honest confession, the need for a website was already clear for at least two years, if not longer. Let’s just say those were two years filled with struggles with bad software options, lack of time and lack of manpower.

As we transition to the website as our main platform, there are several announcements to make:

  • We are transferring a select minority of old content from Facebook into the website. The process will take awhile because we have to comb through the circa 3.200 posts made to this day. Probably a lot more than that, but a precise number is hard to reach with the legendarily terrible Facebook chronological search tools.
  • We are going to invest more in long form content and in-depth research, with the goal of putting reality into perspective (like the sunglasses from They Live or reading The Capital in German). We aim to offer a counterpoint to the open sewer of capital sponsored newspapers and newscasts, interested only in selling wars and plunder. However, we won’t promise not to indulge in the occasional act of mockery and spite for its own sake.
  • This doesn’t mean we are abandoning the advantages of “always online” that social networks provide. As occasion allows, we will keep doing live coverage of events and divulging our work on social media.
  • Due to Facebook’s nature, where everything is quickly drowned in a sea of posts, coupled with its aforementioned terrible search tools, we never found the justification for having too many linguistic concerns. The ephemeral nature of our content didn’t reward the investment in careful corrections, especially regarding content in English, for which we have even less manpower than for Portuguese.
    From now on, this will change. The content repository will be easily searchable (in the Archive section) and reusable. We will therefore do our best to ensure that the language is always impeccable, even if we won’t abstain from using it creatively.
  • Speaking of languages, the site is multilingual. On the top menu bar or on the right sidebar (or at the bottom, if you’re reading on mobile), there is an option to jump between Portuguese and English. If you already have an article open, the second one will search for the equivalent version in another language, if it exists.
    From now on, we will make all our future content available in Portuguese and English, with other languages possibly being introduced for occasional articles that justify it.
  • Years of putting up with offers for unpaid and precarious work and bosses who pretend they forgot to pay, along with the free-market contempt for the creative disciplines, have helped in growing and radicalizing the artistic contingent inside Guilhotina. The frenetic hatred of capitalism that possesses them translates into a superabundance of refined posters and vulgar photoshops of public figures.
    With the launch of the website, we will reinforce putting these talents to good use. Our future work will always be accompanied with their creations. This effort is part of the qualitative jump we wish to make while avoiding future problems related to authorship and property, towards which we have a healthy contempt, but such is the world we live in.

These are the changes that will enter into effect immediately. Other announcements are in the pipeline but it’s still too early to talk about them. Thank you for following us on that side. With your support, heads will continue to roll before the Guillotine.

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