Kurdistan // “Rojava will win, fascism will fall!”~ 4 min

By Simone Vieira

New global day of action against the Turkish offensive

The Turkish invasion of northeastern Syria continues. The so called “Peace Spring” operation has already caused the forced displacement of over 300 000 people and left a trail of destruction with hundreds of deaths and injuries. In the last 12 days, attacks on schools, medical facilities, medical vehicles, as well as water, light and food locations have been reported. Several cities are being brutally attacked and surrounded by Turkish and Islamic forces in order to isolate them. 

Rojava resists and in response to a new international call from the Riseup4Rojava international campaign and from the Rojava Internationalist Commune for October 19, more than 40 cities in 20 countries returned to the streets, against the Turkish offensive in northern Syria.

In Lisbon

In Lisbon, the demonstration was attended by the Solidarity Platform with the Peoples of Kurdistan and the Make Rojava Green Again movement, among other fellow supporters of the Rojava Revolution – a project that started 7 years ago, for Democratic Confederalism and based on democratic, feminist and ecological principles.

“Jin, Jîyan, Azadi!” (woman, life, freedom), “Rojava will win, fascism will fall!”,  “No to invasion, freedom to Kurdistan!” e “NATO No! Neither jihadists nor Erdogan, freedom to Kurdistan!” were some of the chants heard in the route between Princípe Real and Rossio square.

A stop at the crowded Largo de Camões was used to loudly proclaim:

We must all do our part and fulfill our responsibility of defending this revolution!

The military, economic and diplomatic cooperation between Turkey, the USA, NATO and European countries must be exposed and politically attacked. No support for Erdogan, his regime and his war! No arms supplies and no financial or political aid to the Turkish extermination policy! If democratic movements decide to put the issue on the agenda: in the media, on the streets, in the factories, businesses and classrooms of their countries, then we can develop a common force against Turkey’s war plans. We must build a permanent political resistance capable of preventing cooperation with Turkish fascism in our countries.

Together we can stop Turkey’s war of aggression! No war against Northern Syria!

At Rossio, a text written by JinWar, a self-managed women’s village in Rojava, was read to underline the importance of the Rojava Revolution’s role in women’s liberation. The Make Rojava Green Again movement also intervened by recalling the ecological principles that support Rojava and the importance of this project in the ecological struggle of a territory where efforts are being made to recover not only the landscape but also the resources that would allow them to be self-sufficient.

November 2nd will be the next World Day of Resistance by Rojava.

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