Portugal // Antifascists overshadow neofascists in Lisbon~ 2 min

By Duarte Guerreiro

The Lisbon Antifascist Platform (PAFL) and another 57 collectives took to the streets of Lisbon against fascism, racism and male chauvinism and the way these are being normalized to help divide and control those suffering due to the inequalities of capitalism

The gathering started at 18:30 in Rossio and then proceeded to Largo do Camões through Baixa do Chiado, constantly under heavy rain, hail and even thunder. Refusing to be discouraged, the protesters even celebrated the deluge.

It was also an event to remember the victims of fascism. Both those of the dictatorship, as well as the more recent ones. Such as the case of Alcindo Monteiro, celebrated with a banner. The young man was beaten to death in 1995 in Bairro Alto by a neonazi group to which Mário Machado belonged (a semi-famous neonazi connected to groups such as the Hammerskins).

The violent criminal has been trying to whitewash (so to speak) his public image as just a good old nationalist carrying out legitimate political activity via the New Social Order party (NOS). While the antifascist demonstration was going on, so too was a demonstration by NOS entitled “Salazar is much needed”, next to the Parliament. Salazar was the head of state during the fascist regime. Participation in the NOS demonstration didn’t even reach a tenth of the participation of the antifascist demonstration.

By 21:00, after a few speeches that revisited subjects also discussed during the anti-racist demonstration on January 26, the PAFL demonstration collectively left Largo do Camões.

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