Portugal // Stevedores Union SEAL obtains a Collective Work Contract for the port of Setúbal~ 1 min

Congratulations to SEAL – Sindicato dos Estivadores e da Actividade Logística, the main Stevedores Union in Portugal, for conquering a Collective Work Contract for the port of Setúbal. The contract:

  • Allows 56 workers to leave precarious labor behind, with permanent posts and a position on the salary table that grants them a 1400€ salary.
  • Strengthens the position of the remaining workers when it comes to having priority in future hirings.
  • Reduces the injustices in work distribution, which previously granted everything to some and nothing to others.
  • Allows career progression even to the younger workers, who were previously prevented from proceeding past the halfway point in the salary table.

Among other gains. SEAL promises to keep fighting to reduce precariousness even further at the port, since 80 workers are still working under daily contracts.

To find out more about the organization, strategy and objectives of this combative union, we interviewed its president, António Mariano, at the end of 2018.

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