Independent media in the fight for Climate Justice // Monday at 19:00 in Lisbon~ 1 min

This Monday, will be present at the event CineClima // Casa Ninja on Avenue Duque de Loulé 3A, Lisbon, at 19:00. The topic will be “Independent media in the fight for Climate Justice”. An event by Climáximo and 2degrees artivism. From the event:

“The article “Forget Shorter Showers”, written by Derrick Jensen, was the starting point for Jordan Brown to produce a similarly named mini-doc which discusses how personal action isn’t the equivalent of social change and doesn’t generate political transformation by itself.

To debate how taking an informed stance is fundamental in building collective social movements who demand truly effective democratic changes, we’ve invited six collectives/independent Portuguese media groups.; Jornal Mapa; Mídia Ninja; Pólen; PTrevolutionTV and Shifter who will be presenting some of the projects/work which they have been developing regarding the climate crisis.

Afterwards we will initiate a debate about the central topic “The role of independent media in exposing climate matters and their importance in the struggle for climate justice” which will culminate in a guest panel question and answer session by the audience.

So that you might be able to follow this session no matter where you are and not lose a single moment, we will insure a livestream service.”

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