8M live in Madrid, Porto and Lisbon~ 10 min

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Guilhotina is present for the 8M in Madrid, Porto and Lisbon. We will publish updates during the day as they arrive.

Madrid | 13:31

Over 40 gatherings to read a feminist manifesto and partake in popular foods. Several demonstrations will depart from different neighborhoods at 17:30 and join together at 19:00 in Atocha for the main demonstration.

Madrid | 15:05

500 women in Vallekas, 300 in Moratalaz and 500 in Lavapiés neighborhoods during the morning gatherings.

Madrid | 15:59

Women in Lavapiés rest after lunch at one of the neighborhood’s three care centers.

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Madrid | 17:35

Thirty minutes before the demonstration and Atocha is already full of women. People are talking about 100 000 present and the neighborhood marches haven’t even arrived yet.

Lisbon | 18:04

“Misogynous justice, feminist resistance” and “Patriarchy and capital, criminal alliance” were the first chants heard at Terreiro do Paço. Green smoke and Latin American songs in support of the Argentinian struggle to have access to abortion.

Madrid | 18:48

“Mobile coverage is down and we can’t move.” Hundreds of thousands of people. The entire Prado avenue is full.

Porto | 18:50

Around 600 people at Poveiros square. Chants of “Our struggle is daily, we are women and not merchandise” and “It’s time, it’s time, for male chauvinism to go away”.

Madrid | 19:13

Chants of “Abolish prostitution”, “Anticapitalist” and “Long live the women’s struggle”. It took 50 minutes to walk 50 meters.

Porto | 19:23

People are still arriving, around a thousand gathered. Preparing to read the manifesto and other interventions.

Porto | 19:36

Demonstration takes off with a lot of energy towards Aliados avenue. Chants of “Get out of the way, I’m a feminist and I’m going to change the world” and “Our struggle is everyday, against male chauvinism and homophobia”. A riot police van is present.

Madrid | 19:53

The demonstration has already arrived at Espanha square and people are still departing from Atocha. That’s a nearly 4km route. People of all ages among the crowd, chanting “Madrid will be the tomb of fascism.”

Porto | 20:33

Demonstration headed to the Dom João I square. Around 3 000 people total. Chants of “Misogynists, fascists, shall not pass”.

Lisboa | 20:31

Demonstration ends at Rossio square, full of people giving voice to feminism, in defense of women’s rights, against violence, inequality and prejudice. Around 3 000 people.

Porto | 20:46

Arrival at Dom João I square.

Madrid | 21:24

The tail end of the demonstration is now entering the Gran Vía, three hours after the demonstration started. In 2018, police said 170 000 had taken to the streets. The organization said they were 500 000. This year, the police says 350 000 but it wouldn’t be surprising if they were actually a million.

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